How to reach Darmstadt

Darmstadt has a convenient location and is easily accessible with almost all means of transport.

Below we would like to describe briefly, how you can reach Darmstadt quickly…

by car :

autobahn © TU Darmstadt – © autobahn © TU Darmstadt
Autobahn (TU-Darmstadt)

To Darmstadt via the motorways A5 ( Frankfurt – Heidelberg / Basel) and A67 (Cologne / Wiesbaden – Mannheim ) which cross 3 km west of the city, as well as the B3, which runs along the Bergstraße.

by train :

train station © TU Darmstadt – © train station © TU Darmstadt
Railway Station Darmstadt (TU-Darmstadt)

The train types ICE, IC and EC, as well as others, stop at Darmstadt main railway station. Outside the main entrance on the eastern side, you have the option to switch to public transport (bus and trams).

For Information about public transport in Darmstadt, call (06151) 709 4115 or visit and .

by plane :

airport © TU Darmstadt – © airport © TU Darmstadt
Landefeuer (TU-Darmstadt)

Frankfurt International Airport is 25 km away and can be reached in approx. 20 minutes by car over the motorway A5.
The shuttle bus “Airliner ” will take you comfortably and without a car from the airport to Darmstadt main railway station.
From there it is only about 5 minutes by tram or bus to Luisen Square, the centre of public transport in Darmstadt. Airport shuttle. The easiest way from Darmstadt to Frankfurt Airport (and AIRail Terminal to other destinations).

Mobile in the city

Luisenplatz (Anke Böttcher)
Luisenplatz (Anke Böttcher)

Darmstadt's city centre and its attractions are excellently integrated into the public transport network. For timetable and connection information: